Episode 50: A New Hope Listening Party
Listening Party


Vol 3 of the Listening Party series was another amazing evening. Thanks to everyone who came to listen to and talk about Rick. It was really special. The next one in the series is for Episode 50: A New Hope. This sprawling, cosmic ambient album has been remastered and the new version will be uploaded just before the listening party so we get to experience the wide-screen version together! It's an album that marked the end of an extraordinary, at times terrifying year, as well as the landmark of turning 50. So lots to talk about, right? PLEASE click the RSVP button in the link, so you'll get the reminders ahead of the session and I'll know the size of virtual venue I need to book to fit everyone in. See you Friday (back to 8.30pm, thanks to my teaching schedule!)


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The UK's most celebrated and prolific solo bassist - alternating between solo and collaborative releases - have a rummage around and see what you find. The subscription is by FAR the best way to keep track of the many musical goings on!

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