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Lovely citizens of the Internet, welcome to Steve's Ever-Expanding Digital Box Set!

This is - without doubt - the single best way to support what I do:

• Make sure you never miss a release.
• Nab at least two subscriber-exclusive albums a year (quite possibly more!).
• Receive *at least* two new albums a year. (in the 1st year of the subscription there were two public albums AND 6 subscriber-only releases!)
• Get awesome video previews of new tracks, ideas in progress and other stuff, only available here.

When you subscribe you'll *immediately* get my 31 solo albums. Yup, all 31. That's pretty nuts, right? And there's now 16 other collaborative releases for you in there, most of them exclusive to the subscription...

There's also the 'Steve Lawson Listening Club' where we take one album every few weeks, discuss it, get more info on it, and generally find ways to make this massive volume of work a little less daunting!

But that's not all, you also get £12 off the uber-cool "Everything" USB stick. So that's 30 albums, a 45 minute live video and my novel for £18!! want more? How about special offers on gig tickets, house concert booking, meet-ups etc? Sound good?

So what are you waiting for? Get subscribing!

This here is the future of sustainability. Lots of you have been effectively doing this for a long time. Here's an easy way to formalise our relationship, to make it public, to change our Facebook status from 'it's complicated' to 'it's far less complicated and lots of new music happens as a result.'

What you get:

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